Estimating Mid-SDLC

Estimating is something most think if doing at the beginning of a software project.  However estimating is something that pops up frequently during the software development life-cycle.  In fact I encountered this today on my current project.  The strange thing about it was it was not immediately apparent that this was “an estimating” opportunity. play[…]

Are you an IT consulting company? Looking to increase profitability?

Read our short case study to demonstrate how Agile-Estimator can help your consulting business increase profits. Consulting Services Organization – Response to Request for Proposal (RFP) Opportunity You are a project manager working for a software consulting services organization.  Your boss has asked that you respond to a request for proposal (RFP) issued by your[…]

FAQ #4

Q4: If I have zero experience using Agile can I still use Agile-Estimator? A: Yes.  In fact AE will most likely help you understand the basic principles of Agile.  Even if you never intend to use Agile, you will appreciate the user experience within the application as well as get a high quality output. 15 minutes[…]