We Are Passionate

about helping the IT community create better project estimates


Streamlined end-to-end estimating expedites the process and strengthens the results through rich collaboration and a repeatable workflow process.


The LevelSet cloud estimating platform provides intelligence that will directly influence expense reduction and project profitability.


LS provides users with a company-wide look at IT investments through collaboration and dashboarding. This will forever change forecasting and resource planning.


Repeatable processes will ensure both internal and external compliance with best practices, standards, and organizational risk policy.


LevelSet is a cloud based estimating platform that helps companies gather, organize, and share project estimate intelligence.
Garbage in - garbage out. 7 out of 8 projects are late or over budget.

Inadequate estimates contribute to budget and schedule short-comings, diminished returns, and misaligned expectations. LS was built to address an age-old problem, “Estimating projects continues to be a major challenge in our organizations” (Gartner Group). LS represents over 7 years of conceptual design, field testing, and development. Born cloud, LS runs on the world’s leading cloud stack and is managed and developed using a lean approach. LS views an estimate as the living/changing core of a project- supporting all aspects of delivery, as well as the sales cycle. Today, companies around the world are contributing over a trillion dollars annually to IT waste. LevelSet helps companies avoid this trend by providing the intelligence to deliver more efficiently as well as make better decisions about IT investments.

  • Reduce Overhead

    Reduce costly estimating overhead +/- seventy percent

  • Prevent IT Waste

    Make more informed decisions about technology investments

  • Increase Profitability

    Boost margins and reduce expenses +/- thirty percent

  • Institutionalize standards and best practices

    Promote estimating best practices, enforce standards, implement risk management, and benefit from knowledge retention


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